Holly Helton and her family had a blast at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and are finishing up the awesomeness of their once in a lifetime experience. It is one that most people spend their entire lives dreaming of.

Thanks to the Kidd Kraddick Foundation, during these past few days, Holly has created a lifetime of memories with her family, made lifelong friendships with other Kidd’s Kids recipients, and she has fulfilled an itinerary made for a princess!

When I first found out we had a local Kidd’s Kids recipient who would be going on this fabulous trip, I thought to myself, “Hey I may not be able to give her Disney World,” (that’s what Kidd Kraddick created this incredible foundation for, and his daughter Caroline is doing a remarkable job continuing her father’s dream), “But, what- I- will- do is throw Holly and 400 of her closest friends the hugest, most colossal Disney World Send-Off Party this town has ever seen!” I’ll invite the local news media to do BIG STORY on Holly's dream coming true, I’ll invite students from my alma mater to participate, I’ll get high school students from the local high school she will one day attend to participate, I’ll get lots of local businesses to donate gifts and services, and I’ll hire a DJ to keep the kids distracted, and the celebration flowing smoothly ... And oh, what a celebration it was!

It was a turn- up worthy of Disney Princess.

I would not have been able to pull this off without the support of many…many…many people in this community, & I’d just like to acknowledge the people who helped me make this happen.

Townsquare Media

Thank you for believing in me and trusting in the fact that this event was something that “the new girl” could actually pull off! Your support, guidance and the freedom you allowed me to get this done made a world of difference in its success. It is the “juice” I got from working for you that makes people even wanna give me the time of day when I come up with this kinda stuff.

Sidebar: 1073PopCrush + My ideas + An actual budget = Even more mind-blowing events!!!! Think about it…ijs, lol!

Pioneer Park ElementaryPrincipal Gee, when I came to you with this idea, I have to admit I was initially a little concerned. I definitely felt like you would wholeheartedly support the celebration of Holly’s big day, but I also felt you might be a little apprehensive about the ambitiousness of my idea. I mean, here I was literally asking to take over your school for an entire day…just to party…like rock stars… with Mickey Mouse and his entourage of almost 100 guests in tow! Talk about rock star behavior! But hey, you know when Mickey and Friends do something, they go all out. Go big or go home…Isn’t that what Mickey Mouse says?! Well, if not, it’s definitely what that little high pitched, nasally Mickey Mouse-sounding voice in my head said, lol!

When I was thinking of ways to pitch the idea to you, I was even gonna name it ‘The Pioneer Park/PopCrush Takeover”, lol! Luckily for me, what I soon discovered was that I didn’t even have to do much to “sell” the idea. You were on board 100%, and might I add, super excited about it from the very beginning. You even brought in Amber Hughes (Holly’s Counselor) and Kourtlin Harrison (Holly’s teacher) to brainstorm ideas. You ladies are real class acts.

Sidebar: Well done Kourtlin and Amber, really great job!  Next time I have to remember to supply the energy drinks, lol!

Cameron University Women's Basketball Team

Tanika Gentry
Tanika Gentry
Tanika Gentry
Tanika Gentry

Coach Andrews, you guys rocked it! Your antics made the kids laugh, you kept the kids engaged from the floor to the stage & we all thought you were super funny! Your “Aggie Madness-bits” crack me up every year.

A LOT of little girls told me they wanna “go to college and play  basketball and juju on that beat” (lol) JUST LIKE YOU! You women are incredible!

Tanika Gentry
Tanika Gentry

Side bar: Can I get one of them black warm ups tho’????! Dope!

Cameron University Spirit Team

Tanika Gentry
Tanika Gentry

Tanika Gentry        

Coach Flood, you and your team ALWAYS come through for me! No matter what I’ve asked of you, you guys continuously show up & show out with pride and excellence!!! This time was no different. Thank you for being my “go-to’s” whenever I wanna pull-off something mind-blowing!

Side bar: Hey, at least I didn’t make you backflip off the top of a truck this time, lol!!!

Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity & Alpha Phi Sorority

Tanika Gentry
Tanika Gentry

Robert Champ, thank you so much for your keen influence and leadership when it came to helping me find people to wear all the Disney character costumes. I was so pleased when you informed me that the brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma and the sisters of Alpha Phi were enthusiastic about donning the Disney attire. Did you hear the oooh’s and ahhh’s of all the children when you guys walked in one by one???

Tanika Gentry
Tanika Gentry
Tanika Gentry
Tanika Gentry

Perfection! What may have been just a kind hearted gesture to you was, at the very least, the most pivotal aspect of my whole “Disney send-off party” idea, but, at best, you gave 400 other kids the opportunity to take a little piece of Disney world home with them just like Holly.

MacArthur Highlanders

Principal Elam, thank you for believing in this endeavor, even though you had no earthly idea who I was. I literally felt like I was in the principal’s office, (except I was really just on the telephone with this super intimidating voice on the other end), explaining why I needed you to get on board with this over imaginative idea. Thank you to Coach Pooschke, Kayla Gableman (Cheer sponsor) and Larry Hatch (Band Director)... btw the band kilt it!


Thank you ALL for supporting this endeavor and showing up with your students.

Sidebar: Did y’all hear the children scream when I said MacArthur was in the building??? Priceless!

Jacobi Crowley & Gateway Success Center

Tanika Gentry                 

You are truly a man who goes all out to support the community and its endeavors. Thank you for allowing Sara Davenport, China Alexander & Jalen Williams to assist me with the ‘stage management’ aspect of this special day. In order for the kids to really be wowed by all the people who filed into that auditorium to see them, I wanted there to be an element surprise. It was all about the very strategic timing of the DJ playing the right song, me announcing the next special guest, and your student’s communicating to almost 100 people when to walk in the door, out the door, and onto the stage. It was their attention to detail that helped make this event flawless!

Side bar: You guys should put together your own Stage Management Team!

Dance Wear Etc.

Vincent and Kathy…You guys are already a major staple in our local dance community, and pretty much every dance mom’s go to establishment when our daughters are having a serious apparel crisis. By coming to my rescue and allowing me use so many Disney costumes on such short notice you unquestionably saved the day. You guys are, point blank, my new hero & she-ro!  Thank you so much for everything!

Sidebar: I got plenty more brilliant ideas where this one came from. Trust me…. I’ll be back!

Mr. William Jones & Staff @ Wal-Mart (on Sheridan Rd.)

Mr. William Jones, you. quite simply. are. THE MAN! What you and your staff did for Holly was amaaaaaazing! You don’t know how nervous I was calling you, literally the day before the event, to see if you would be willing to give something…anything!

I asked for a cute & cuddly stuffed animal cuz I knew my request was so last minute. You not only brought an entire plastic tote of fabulous toys, you brought dessert for Holly’s entire class, her very own special Disney themed cake with her name on it and you brought a character costume too! I just hope Wal-Mart on Sheridan is fully aware of how lucky they are to have your leadership.


Side bar: You were right…Olaf was the bomb!!!

Marco’s Pizza

Jennifer Fortenbaugh, (Owner), Rebecca Hamilton (Marketing Director), you guys went out of your way to support this venture from the very beginning! The fun that Holly and the other kids in her class had during the pizza party was immeasurable. I look forward to doing much business with you in the future                                                  

Sidebar: Jennifer, we should do a PopCrush Road Trip Vlog called Countdown to 21 Pilots! Lol, see you there!

DJ Hybrid & Full Spectrum Entertainment

Now, you know u my man ‘hundred-grand! There really are no words to express hope dope you are for comin’ through, and how dope you are, period! I got big plans for you, my dude.

Sidebar: Big things poppin’ and little shhh stoppin’ on PopCrush, lol! Let’s talk.


Thank you for letting us borrow Edie for most of the day for this assembly. And, thank you for suggesting and allowing your Smiling G-Man mascot to participate. Great idea!

Side bar: Why he take-up the whole front of stage tho?! Lol

The Salon by InStyle inside JCPenny (Central Mall)

With all the excitement and hectic preparation of your brand new store opening up just a few days later (after having been closed for 5 ½ months because of a natural disaster, nonetheless), you guys still sent in Helen Steedman to come through in the clutch with flair and fabulosity by providing salon services for Holly and her entire family when they return from their trip. Simply extraordinary!

Sidebar: Yaaaaaasssss, daaaaw-ling…. Werrrk!!!

What’s Popping

Thank you for providing your delicious popcorn treats!

Sidebar: What’s poppin’ wit’ that, “What’s Popping on PopCrush” marketing & endorsement idea for my show tho’??? We gotta talk soon, lol!

                                                                              Scott’s House of Flowers


You guys were the first to see the vision and donate to the cause. Thank you for your support!

Sidebar: Holly loved the bag!


Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

We know you don’t do favoritism because all of the Kidd’s Kids recipients are special and each one is very deserving of this wonderful experience, but this little girl is very special to us and to this community. THANKS FOR TAKING GOOD CARE OF HER AND HER FAMILY!


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