Most who have followed and anticipated this game for any length of time, and may have even circled it on the calendar, found one incredible finish that one won't forget any time soon.  Adding to the drama of a game that can only be compared to last years Macalister's never forgetting semi final game win in overtime to advance and win our first state championship.

Last year Big Mac lost a heartbreaking five points which was the only loss of the season. And even if experts and those in the media may have thought this game would be close would never guess the Hollywood ending to this years game.

Courtesy: Mike Mazzo Photography

Both teams came into this matchup undefeated at 6-0. Both teams put up some great points against their opponents and both teams have very stingy defenses. Both teams seemed evenly matched on paper but that's why we play the game. Whoever was to win this game would sit in the drivers seat for a district championship. So, I guess you could say, there was a lot riding on this game.

It was a great fall football night at Cameron stadium were fans packed both sides of Cameron stadium. The game featured its first drama play when Ardmore's field goal try sputtered under the line and was picked up by Mac's Ronnie Kimble for a 85 yard touchdown return which gave Mac the 7-0 lead.

Courtesy: Mike Mazzo Photography

Ardmore came and controlled both the clock, plays and scores and lead at the half 14-7. Big Mac came out with 14 unanswered points and lead again 21-14. Not to stand down the Tigers scored twice themselves in the 3rd and 4th quarter to go up 28-21. The game looked to be out of reach for the Highlanders until 3rd down and with 58 seconds left in the game quarterback JR WInningham found a wide open Javier Christian with a double pump score to bring it to 28-27. That's when, without hesitation, head coach Brett Manning called for the Mac "Wildcat" with senior Walter Neil taking the direct snap and running left untouched to the end zone, FINAL 29-28!

Big Mac now extends their record to 7-0 and 4-0 in the district and with 3 games remaining look to win the district.

Next up for the Highlanders is the final game of the regular season at Cameron with homecoming and senior night this Thursday against Chickasha. Pre-game starts at 6:30 and kick-off is set for 7:00 pm. Bring the game to the game (listen to the game on your personal radio) and you could win a My Mac t-shirt.

Join us this Tuesday night at 6:00 pm for the Brent Manning Coaches Show LIVE at El Chico in Central Mall. If you have a question for the coaching staff (or the players) CLICK HERE and submit it. If your question is read on the air you'll win a My Mac t-shirt.