Ever suspected your husband secretly loves the dog more than you? Well this guy's wife no longer has to wonder.

On Sunday (Aug 3) a South African couple Graham Anley and his wife Cheryl, were on a sailing trip all the way up to Madagascar. It was a three-month long trip so they brought their nine-year-old Jack Russell terrier Rosie along.

As they were sailing near the Transkei Coast on the east side of South Africa, they were forced to abandon their yacht after it hit a reef. Graham, the chivalrous hero that he is, decided to rescue the dog first.

After he got Rosie safely on dry land, he swam back to get his wife.

A rescue helicopter picked them up, and all three ended up okay, although the boat was ruined.

Graham hasn't said why he grabbed Rosie before his wife, although we're thinking it's because terriers aren't great swimmers, and his wife was probably much better.

But still, you know Graham is going to be in the dog house for quite a while for this one.

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