Frustrations over Facebook’s lax privacy policies have risen quite high in recent times, which makes the fact that someone was able to hack the social site and make public some of Mark Zuckerberg’s private photos all the more satisfying.

It’s not clear who did the hacking or how, but apparently someone found a tear in the fabric of the Facebook photo settings and was able to grab a few of The Zuck’s personal pics.

Sadly, it appears that Z-berg and his friends are, in a word, lame. There is nothing terribly interesting going on in the stolen photo, unless you find “sushi-making night” thrilling.

Coincidentally, if you access the public photos of the father of all social networking, you’ll find several of the “hacked” photos and realize the rest of them appear to be from the same or similar events. All snooze-worthy.

Is it wrong to encourage hackers to do something more interesting with their skills? How about hacking into Courtney Stodden’s personal pics? What could she possibly not be sharing?