In the new ad for the 'All New Mazda6,' a classic rock staple gets strapped in for the ride once more. The Who are certainly no strangers to their music being used in ads, television shows, movies and ringtones. So Mazda has decided to trot out the ever familiar strains of the Who classic 'Baba O'Riley' to use in their new ad campaign. "This is the Mazda Way" the ad proclaims. Well...alright then.

We are not sure - and cannot confirm - if the recording used is actually that of the Who or another musical interpretation. It has the signature synth run, but it is slightly altered by effects, and the drums lack a certain something of the Keith Moon signature. Perhaps it's simply a remix of the 1971 'Who's Next' version, maybe a live edit, who knows? Either way, something is a little different with the aural picture here.

There are always going to be people who yammer on about musicians using their music for commercial gain. The Who have seemingly never thought this to be an issue. 'Tommy' the movie anyone? And one of their greatest albums,'The Who Sell Out,'  took the concept of advertising, and turned it into a pop art statement of its own. Take that Warhol!

To be honest, we prefer the 'Great Shakes' ad the Who did in 1967. The Yardbirds even took their own ride with Great Shakes, but we seem to have gotten off topic here. Maybe you can drink your Great Shakes while driving your new Mazda!

Watch The All-New Mazda 6 Commercial