Child birth. One of the most wonderful experiences for a woman to have. Once it is completely over.  

Before I go and get in trouble with the masses who would disagree, I do not know just how much pain is involved. I have shared in 3 child deliveries. Each different and unique in their own way. Some labor was short while others were - well - labor.

Men for years have always said that it cannot be that bad right? And we in return have been told countless horror stories on how painful it is and for us to imagine basketballs and watermelons and other large objects coming out of us. Not to mention all of the gut wrenching pain that is associated with it.

These two men (who remain nameless) in the video decided that they would voluntarily go into a clinic to see just what their wives went through during childbirth.  Dr. Julie Masters, whom the pair visited for their experiment in the video, is a real doctor in Michigan.

Guys, after watching, you may have an entirely different outlook on the whole process of childbirth and be supportive of her before during and after.



Would you be willing to go through this experiment?