In a letter to Mike Brown earlier this month, Christine Wormuth, Secretary of the Army, informed him that he will serve a second term as the Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, Oklahoma South.


CASAs serve as advisors to the Secretary of the Army about issues pertaining to the region and help promote good relations between the US Army and the public. Personal involvement by our CASAs accelerates Army recruiting efforts, supports the TOTAL ARMY while they serve, and assists our personnel as they transition from active service as soldiers for life.

In the letter, Wormuth stated, “You have been exceptional, and your continued service will greatly benefit our soldiers, their families, and our civilians in your community and throughout the Army.”

“It is a privilege and an honor to represent Oklahoma and Lawton Fort Sill in this capacity. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with soldiers, their families, and our community to build networks that foster positive relationships and augment the Army’s mission. There's a beautiful story to be told in Southern Oklahoma and I am looking forward to continuing to share it in this next chapter” - Mike Brown.

Brown is a business owner here in Lawton.  CDBL, Inc. is a construction company that specializes in new commercial builds, homes, and renovation.  They are located near downtown at #6 SW Lee Blvd.

Congratulations to Michael Brown on his recent re-appointment as the Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army.  A job well done, and the excellence continues!

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