The world is a messy place, and it's arguably gotten much messier in recent years. From political unjust and "fake news" to climate change and tragic natural disasters, it's difficult to see the good things sometimes. But if anyone can do it, it's the Mowgli's.

The Los Angeles-based indie pop sextet has focused on "love and peace [and] open-mindedness and good times"—according to their Facebook page, anyway—since the band's inception in 2010. And though the times are a-changin', the group believes it's important now more than ever to spread a positive message.

And so, the six members decided to start 2018 doing what they do best: making people happy. Their new single, "Real Good Life," is a fist-pumping celebration of existing in a world that's sometimes difficult to get excited about.

"For us, a song like 'Real Good Life' felt kind of necessary right now," vocalist/guitarist Colin Dieden admits. "The world is messy. It’s not always easy to focus on the good things and what’s beautiful about it. We aren’t trying to ignore the bad and unjust and ugly, but we’ve always tried to be a band that celebrates the best in people and our world, to focus on coming together and enjoying life whenever possible.”

As for what, exactly, a "Real Good Life" entails? "A real good life is waking up when your eyes open and spending all of your time with family and friends, doing what you love," guitarist/vocalist Josh Hogan quips.

From its buoyant guitar riffs to vocalists Dieden and Katie Jayne Earl singing about purple teeth and "Purple Rain," "Real Good Life" is a three-and-a-half minute escape from the exhaustion of life in 2018.

Watch the carefree lyric video below, premiering exclusively on PopCrush:

The Mowgli's embark on a 23-day tour starting February 20 in Cleveland, Ohio, through March 24 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Get more info about the tour and purchase tickets on the band's official website.

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