Being able to work from home might sound like a pretty good deal. Especially on a Tuesday morning. But a lot of people who do it agree that it's not as great as it seems.

Here are three myths that make working from home sound better than it actually is.

Myth #1. You Get to Set Your Own Schedule.

Sometimes you can. But most people who work from home have to check their email and be available on the phone between 9 and 5, because that's when everyone else is working. And then there is the wonderful conference calls that will always be set when you have something else scheduled.

 Myth #2. It Gives You More Time to Hang Out with Friends.

Not having to commute might free up some time for you. But it won't change the schedule your friends are on. Cutting down on driving will save wear and tear on your car, cut back on your gas costs as well as holding stress down for commuting time. All of this is a plus for your bank account and your health.

There is a small downside though. This usually just gives you more time to watch TV by yourself until your friends get home. And overall, it makes you a lot less social, because you're alone all day.


Myth #3. You Spend Less on Lunch.

It seems like you'd just make lunch every day instead of going out. And if you were really trying to save money, you might. But after a while, you'll do pretty much anything to get out of the house. So you'd end up ordering take-out almost as much as you do in an office. And if you get super lazy and have it delivered, you have to add a tip.

Would you work from home if the opportunity presented itself?