Niall Horan released his debut solo single -- the acoustic guitar-driven "This Town" -- in September, giving fans an idea of what to expect from his forthcoming album, sound-wise. But for those of you unhappily lulled to sleep by the track, fear not -- Niall promises the rest of the collection errs on the upbeat side.

"The rest of them are a bit more jigged up, because if I played 13 of like 'This Town's at a concert, you'd probably bore people to death," he said in an interview with iHeartRadio. "So I'm not gonna do that."

Niall -- who says his new music was largely inspired by a recent backpacking trip he took, following One Direction's indefinite hiatus -- also noted he's nearly finished writing material for his solo album.

"I have most of the songs written, I’ve got a couple of more sessions," he said. "I'm actually writing with the guy who wrote [James Bay's] 'Hold Back the River,' [Iain Archer] next week, so I'm looking forward to that."

"Hopefully I can get a good song out of the last couple of sessions," the "Perfect" singer continued. "I’m pretty much finished writing it so now it's time to get in the studio and starting recording everything, from the drums to the guitars to everything. All my songs are basically voice notes or really good demos [right now]."

Until 2017, then!

Check out Niall's full interview with iHeartRadio in the video above.

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