Oklahoma City is hiding a luxurious little secret. Apparently, there are apartments amid the high-rises that will drop your jaw. Like seeing something straight out of NYC in our own backyard.

It's probably a direct result of believing everything we see on TV, but when I read the words "New York City Style Apartment," this is what I envision.

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While it's a little older than myself, I could also see this being the first image to pop into someone's mind on the same topic...

Seinfeld: The Apartment Fan Experience
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If you don't recognize any of that, you're not alone. You're also probably relatively young, so your vision of a NYC apartment might be more along the lines of those tiny apartments the Big Apple is so famous for...


...but New York City luxury has found a home here in the Heartland.

In the middle of Downtown Oklahoma City, there is a listing for an apartment so wildly spectacular, even you have to admit you likely didn't realize our state got so fancy from time to time.

Offering a solid mix of upscale modernity and down-home class, it makes you wonder what sort of Okie lives here.

Check Out This Fancy NYC-Style Apartment For Sale in Oklahoma City

Downtown Oklahoma City might be the last place you'd expect to find luxury beyond a night or two at the Skirvin Hotel, but there are some shockingly fancy and plush apartments available in our state capital city.

Case and point, 131 Park Avenue. A 5,254 square foot, 3-bedroom, 5-bath penthouse apartment on the market for $2.5million. Not only does it come with nearly a century of history, but there's also a garage space, elevator service, and sweeping views of Downtown OKC.

From the outside looking in, it looks very well put together tying ultra-modern styling with classic heartland trends. Lots of glass, lots of warm wood. If you can swing a $16,000 mortgage payment, this could be your next Oklahoma home.

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Top 20 Oklahoma Towns Most Hated by Okies

Oklahoma spends quite a bit of time talking about why we don't like everywhere else. Like Sooner fans and people in Southern OK talk trash on Texas, Northern OK hates Kansas, Eastern OK isn't fond of Arkansas, etc... but what about our own state?

I ran across a dead thread on liberal Facebook--AKA--Reddit where people were talking in detail trying to rank the worst cities in the state. While you may not agree politically with your fellow statesmen, you really can't defend a lot of this. Here's the list for least worse to absolute worst as voted by them.

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