We can all thank the beer Industry of Oklahoma for bring 2.9 billion dollars into the state economy in 2020. Even during one of the worst year's on record with the COVID-19 pandemic Oklahoma's continued their love affair with fermented beverages, especially beer. Maybe the pandemic actually helped generate more revenue as everyone was stuck at the house bored out of their minds. One thing's for sure, beer is big business in the Sooner State! It not only creates revenue for the state, but tons of job opportunities as well.

This new survey and study of the Oklahoma beer industry found that around 8,700 plus jobs are linked to the industry and with that close to $270 million in wages or earnings. The beer industry affects and helps all sorts of other areas and industry like trucking, manufacturing, tourism and agriculture. While most of the country saw lagging sales and a drop off of revenue last year, the Oklahoma beer industry performed well and continues to be a huge part of the state's overall economy. Now that things are starting to improve and with Summer here I'm betting it'll do even better, possibly setting record sales this year.

There's no doubt that Oklahomans love their beer, but I had no ideal just how much money and impact the industry has on the state. It's good to hear that Oklahoma is doing well and that we're ahead not behind the rest of the country when it comes to the beer industry. Now hopefully all the tax and other revenues collected will be spent responsibility to everyone's benefit. *Fingers crossed*

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