Get ready, the annual 'Oklahoma Highland Gathering' is returning this fall to Choctaw Creek Park. Everyone is invited and welcomed to attend the annual Sooner State Scottish festival. It's a 3-day event filled with all kinds of incredible food, vendors, live entertainment, and traditional Scottish games, dance, and traditions.

The festival is being put on and sponsored by the USCO (United Scottish Clans of Oklahoma) a non-profit organization that promotes Scottish culture and traditions by sharing their love of the history, traditions, and customs of Scotland. The membership is made up of people who are Scottish, have Scottish blood in their family tree, or just love all things Scottish. Like the Oklahoma Highland Gathering, everyone's welcome!

This year's festival is scheduled for Friday, October 21st through Sunday, October 23rd (10-21-22 - 10-23-22) at the Choctaw Creek Park in Choctaw, OK. It's only like an hour and a half away from Lawton, Fort Sill and is somewhat close to Oklahoma City. It's about a half hour outside of OKC so it's a quick trip. United Scottish Clans of Oklahoma United Scottish Clans of Oklahoma

I've never had the opportunity to go before, so I'm thinking this will be the year! Sounds like an amazing time and something the entire family will enjoy. Advance tickets just went on sale this week so you can get them early and save. Organizers have special 'early bird pricing' that you can take advantage of. Single-day Saturday and Sunday tickets are just $10.00 or you can get a 2-day pass good for the entire weekend for only $15.00 kids 10 and under are FREE!  Click here to visit the official site and order your tickets.

I know what you're thinking, "I thought this was a 3-day festival what about Friday?" To answer your question, Friday IS FREE! The festival will officially kick off on Friday, October 21st (10-21-22) from 6:00-pm until 9:00-pm with a  fire ceremony known as the 'Calling of the Clans' followed by a traditional ceilidh which is a celebration with folk music, singing, dancing, and storytelling.⁣ From there the festival kicks into the weekend!

After that the festival will be open Saturday, October 22nd (10-22-22) from 10:00-am until 9:00-pm and Sunday, October 23rd (10-23-22) from 10:00-am to 6:00-pm. It'll be 2 full days of amazing Scottish music, games, food, demonstrations, and more! For all the details on the 'Oklahoma Highland Gathering' visit the official Facebook event page, you can go to the USCO website, or check out the USCO Facebook page.

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