The Oklahoma State Fair just released the lineup of headlining acts for the 2024 fair in September and there's something interesting about the majority of artists.

Out of the 11 headliners, 3 of the bands are tribute bands - playing classics from rock icons like Journey and Elvis. Although new artists like Niko Moon are fantastic in their own regard, it's hard to compete with the classics. The Tribute artist performing this year are Journey from the Heart, Shawn Klush, and Epic Eagles.


Since the majority of American music is older, up to 70% of the music out there, the idea is to bring visitors back - both to the good ol' days of rock and roll and for multiple days of performances.

Speaking bringing back, many of the headliners were once chart-topping performers in their prime, but have yet to live down their fame; for example, Mark Chesnutt's peak in his career was debatably in the late 90s.

Although he is considered a classic country artist, he was known for and topped charts in 1999 with his cover of rock legends Aerosmith and their hit "Don't Want to Miss A Thing." But, 25 years later, Chesnutt is still drawing massive crowds.

It seems as though this year's fair is meant to pay tribute to rock music, with almost all of the headliners having a backround in or taste of rock to their music. Artists like Hinder and Jefferson Starship are the epitome of rock music, one from the more recent past than the other.


Once again, rock seems to be the overall theme of the lineup, even classic rock. He's always had a sliver of pop to it, but Uncle Kracker's music still aligns with classic rock themes which will undoubtedly make for a great performance at the fair.

Even their lesser known acts have a tinge of rock to their style, such as We Are Messengers, which is a band that "writes rock n’ roll anthems and intimate earthly psalms for messy broken people," according to their bio.

The fair management tried to switch it up with a few artists offering tastes of R&B like Morris Day and the Time, some newer country from Niko Moon and Shaylan and even some authentic Latino music from Los Herederos De Nuevo León.

With this many incredible artists, combined with locals from the sooner state who've applied to perform on various stages at the fair, we're sure it'll be an event living up to all ten days.

For the exact line-up and schedule of days and times, check out the State Fair website.

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