If we're going to have severe weather, can't we at least get it where we need it?

Picher, Oklahoma

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Not only is it a literal ghost town, but the remnants of the town are in poor condition after a tornado actually did come through in 2008. The town was recently abandoned in 2010 after years of discovering things like ground instability and lead contamination. Now that the town is clear, we just need mother nature to come take the rest out for clean up.

Beer City, Oklahoma

Located just south of the Kansas border in the notorious "No Man's Land," Beer City used to be the talk of the town. No laws, no authority and absolute free reign was the way everyone lived here while this territory literally was no man's land - it hadn't become part of Oklahoma's state yet. However, once it was considered part of the state, it was decided that there was no need for a town with that kind of self-government, so it was torn down. But - the great news is - if a tornado passes through, it won't hurt anyone, just the areas history.

Cooperton, Oklahoma

Canva/Google Earth
Canva/Google Earth

It seems as though there are just a few stragglers holding onto this worn down town in southwest Kiowa County. The population has stayed one of the lowest in the entire state (besides Hoot Owl, OK) with 3 people living there since 2020. When you take a look at the town's remnants and conditions and consider that the poverty rate is 60 percent, it might be better just to let mother nature have this one.

It looks like she started the deconstruction work on October 10, 2021 with a tornado tearing down a few buildings, but there are still a few things needing torn down.

Whipping Tree - Wewoka, Oklahoma

Canva/Screenshot of Roadside America Website
Canva/Screenshot of Roadside America Website

Not saying it isn't important to remember our state's history, just that I, nor would many other Oklahomans, mind if mother nature picked this tree up specifically and tossed it many, many miles away.

Of course, these are all scenarios that no one is hurt and that we would want things to work out for the better. If a tornado were coming through, where would you want it to take out? Tell us on the app!

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