How in the world does a study get done on what each states favorite food is, and Oklahoma lands on a throwaway side dish instead of bar-b-que or steak? Okra. Fried okra was voted as both the most popular snack in the state as well as the favorite food overall. How have the gods forsaken us? Okra? Really? Not that it's a terrible food, it's not bad, but definitely not my personal first choice. All the same, I'm adopted to Oklahoma from a state with real food as their favorite, so it may be just a breakdown of cognitive understanding on my part.

Side bar... Beignets are the pastry that rules over every other pastry, and they're only done right in the state of Louisiana and my mothers kitchen... Period.

I'll say it, okra is usually the worst side dish on every menu. It's delicious if done right, but is rarely done so in chain restaurants. I've tried it at least once at all of the eateries I frequent, and if those experiences are clues, I'm not sure anyone here has even had proper fried okra.

Honestly, if we were going to vote side dishes as a favorite food in the entire state, how in the world did cheese fries not make it to the top of that list? It's a staple at food joints from the cheapest greasy spoon burger huts all the way up to the respectable steak houses across the state. Heck, there's even a famous little juke joint in Stillwater, known the whole world over, and the only palatable dish coming out of that kitchen is their cheese fries.

Side bar... If social justice warriors have their way, Eskimo Joe's will no longer exist. See that story here.

I did have the thought roll through my head about how chicken fried steak didn't top the list of favorite foods in Oklahoma, but then I realized something... Hardly anybody serves a chicken fried steak anymore. I can't even think of a single place in Lawton that serves one besides Texas Roadhouse, but what kind of recipe calls for liquid smoke in cream gravy? It's just funky tasting. I know Golden Corral has one in the academic sense... It was once beef, battered and fried, but I'm not a buffet guy. Too many kids running around spreading whatever they picked up earlier in the day.

In the land of beef and bbq so proper that Texas has appropriated it, home of the best bbq sauce in the entire world, we're now known for okra.

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