There's a cool little gas-and-go convenient store destination between Idabel and Broken Arrow Oklahoma that features, officially, the worlds largest Sasquatch thing. I say thing because it's not really a statue as much as is it a sign and advertisement to passerby's, but you get what I'm going for here...

Now, Southeast Oklahoma is home to the most dedicated "bigfoot" believers in America. More so than the believers in other regions like Michigan, Pacific Northwest, and even the Florida panhandle. Yep, there's a squatch in those woods. Granted, in just about every great wooded area of the states, you'll find rumors and talks of bigfoot.

Is there really any chance there's a huge primate wandering around the USA in seclusion? Well, nothing is impossible, but odds are this is the greatest rouse in the world of nature as far as practical jokes go... but I don't know anybody that doesn't know somebody that's had a bigfoot encounter.

Example: I have an aunt and uncle that used to spend a ton of time camping out in the Wichita Mountains. I'm talking almost every weekend year round. They have a story about a time when they were camping in the special use area. Surrounded by nature and trees,  for having had experience camping around the wildlife, etc... One night, they heard the elk spook in the middle of the night. They got up and put a tree between them and the sound of the elk just in case they decided to run through camp. Literally moments after the elk passed by at a distance, they heard something else coming through through the trees, breaking branches, heavy steps, the whole nine... Even though they admit it was too dark to see anything, they swear it had to be a bigfoot given the experience of it all. It was enough to spook them for the night.

I don't know how much of that story is factual and embellishment, you have to remember they were stirred awake in the middle of the night. I try to keep in mind that every time I leave my TV streaming This Old House at night, I wake up at 3am thinking someone is breaking into my house when they get to hammering on stuff.

I don't know if bigfoot is real, but the Gasquatch "Worlds Biggest Sasquatch" thing is a legit destination worth exploring just for the story. You can find more about it here.

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