Summer time means different things to everyone. Most people look forward to going for ice cream in the hottest months of the year. The International Dairy Foods Association just released the results of its annual survey on America's favorite ice cream flavors.  Last year, we were horribly boring and voted vanilla number one. This year,  yup, still boring. Vanilla was voted the most popular ice cream flavor in the U.S. yet again.

And if that wasn't generic enough for you, chocolate came in second. Butter pecan was somewhat surprising in third place. Coffee, Neapolitan, and Rocky Road tied for fourth place.

Hot fudge was voted the most popular topping, just beating out sprinkles and nuts. For fruit toppings, strawberry came in first. Now for me, these flavors are ok, but they do not include Sherbet in any of these categories. I love orange flavored sherbet and I also love watermelon flavored sherbet but it is only seasonal.

What flavor do you instantly go for when you go to the store or to a ice cream parlor?  Is there one particular kind you cannot live with out?