Well it's Halloween and normally around this time of year and in fact if memory serves me correctly, a new Paranormal Activity movie should be getting ready to come in theaters this weekend or next week. Well there is no new movie coming out in time for Halloween, so movie-goers will have to find their annual movie scares elsewhere.

The latest entry dubbed 'The Marked Ones' actually goes a different approach than its predecessors.

Rather than having a demon make things go 'bump in the night' in a house, the supernatural being has now 'marked' a teenage kid and as the movie progresses, he slowly gains powers of the evil creature.

Although this movie is the fifth entry in the series, it is not considered part of the main line. Creator Oren Peli has stated that this entry serves more as a "cousin" to the popular horror series rather than a sequel or a spin-off.

It seems the series has no end in sight anytime soon, despite poor reviews and ratings Paranormal Activity 4 had from critics and audiences alike.

Below is the trailer for Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones slated for a January 3, 2014 release.