Pete Davidson just launched a brand new Instagram account — and Kanye West is one of his newest followers, according to reports.

Davidson hasn't been on Instagram since 2020, but for whatever reason he recently decided to rejoin the social media platform.

According to People, this is the fourth time he's rejoined Instagram in four years after leaving the platform multiple times for mental health-related reasons. His handle, @pmd, likely stands for his full legal name: Peter Michael Davidson.

So far his new account only follows two people: his girlfriend Kim Kardashian and Pam & Tommy star Sebastian Stan.

It's obvious why the Saturday Night Star star follows Kardashian, but we're not sure why he follows Stan. Maybe Davidson is a fan of Stan's portrayal of rocker Tommy Lee on Hulu.

As of Friday morning (Feb. 18), Davidson hasn't uploaded any photos to the verified account. He has 1.5 million followers.

One of those followers, according to TMZ, is West, who is currently in a one-sided feud with the actor-comedian. Not only did West follow Davidson's Instagram, but he also posted to his own account a screenshot of him following Davidson with the caption "FOLLOWED," which he later deleted.

In recent weeks West has lashed out at both Davidson and his ex-wife, Kardashian, multiple times on Instagram.

West recently posted a clip of Davidson making a joke on SNL about the rapper going off his medication and how "being mentally ill is not an excuse for acting like a jack--s."

He captioned the Instagram post, "This boy thought he could get away with performing this sketch for the team that wrote this for him ... This is not harassment ... This is payback."

On Instagram, West has also claimed Kardashian is keeping him from seeing their children; alleged she accused him of contracting someone to kill her; and revealed he is still looking for an apology from the Kardashian family.

As for Davidson, the actor recently decided to move from Staten Island to Brooklyn. In an interview with comedian and NBLCLX host Tabitha Lipkin, he said that although he loves Staten Island, it just takes too long to get over the bridge into Manhattan.

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