I have been trying to change my body type for a while…or at least in my mind I have. I often think about all the work those Hollywood starlets put into looking amazing for Oscar Night. I tell myself, “I can do that…. I want that!” Minus the surgery and the long list of negatively induced weight loss afflictions, of course. Then I realize, “Wait a minute…IT TAKES WORK!”

Prior to my membership with Planet Fitness, I had not taken physical fitness seriously at all. Although my desire was strong; I. Did. Absolutely. Nothing. Physically. I gawk at all the “beautiful people” on the film and TV red carpets, the award shows and the music videos; and I long to have their camera-ready physiques. I want to slip into that little black dress and look amazing. I want to slide into those skinny jeans and turn heads. I wanna be just like the “cool kids too! I wanted it all, but I wasn’t putting in the work to make the end result happen.

My first attempts at weight loss and fitness started with what I was putting into my body. Food was (and sometimes still is) my greatest enemy. Not just food, but bad food. I mean, clearly it was bad, look at what it did to me! Look what I did to me. I figured if I mastered the food, then everything else should fall into place, right? Boy, was I wrong.

I have come to the realization that all the working out in the world is not going to matter if my diet is horrible. That includes eating all the wrong foods at the wrong time, as well as not eating an abundance of healthy foods either. I can honestly say this process has been a slow progression of self-discovery. From multiple fad diets, to cleanses, to fasts and now veganism; I’ve reached the point of exhaustion. That is, until I joined Planet Fitness.

Accountability Is Everything

I can buy all the protein shakes, home gym accessories and workout DVD’s in the world (and actually I think I have), but none of that matters if I’m not getting my butt up to do the work! The reason why I was struggling was because: 1) I felt I didn’t have the time to work out; 2) Joining a gym and working out with a trainer was not affordable; & 3) More than anything, I had no idea where to start!

Luckily, Planet Fitness is solving all of these issues for me. Not having enough time during the day to work out is no longer a valid excuse because the facility is open 24 hours. I have more than enough time. Now, I have no excuse not to go! Also, with the $10/month membership option, or, the Black Card Membership option for just $21.99/month; joining a gym is more than affordable for me. Plus, with the free and unlimited fitness training included; once again, I have no excuse not to go!

Another Planet Fitness perk is that my trainer and I are currently creating a workout program designed for my specific needs. This regimen will also include a vegan nutrition-based program that allows me to boost my metabolism, build muscle & burn fat. He wants to include supplements, macros, micros, vitamins and detailed meal plans tailored to my weight loss and strength training goals as well.

So, where do I begin? I start by surrounding myself with positive body goal images that will change the course of my thinking. This will in turn, change the course of my life. I start by scheduling time to work out and sticking to it. I start with a healthy meal prep menu and follow it relentlessly. For it is my desire to be lean & sculpted. I want an athletic physique. I want an Oscar Night-Red Carpet figure. I want…Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness is located at 3801 NW Cache Rd. For more information, call 580-699-7600.

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