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Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon first met as members of the group Bloodboy, but it wasn't long before the pair recognized the rarity of their specific musical connection. Within three weeks of that initial encounter, Hirsch and Gordon embarked on a creative project far removed from the group, and they dubbed it Courtship.

Despite hailing from two wildly different words — Hirsch grew up playing in indie rock bands, while Gordon trained as a jazz pianist — the Los Angeles-based duo managed to meld their varied sonic backgrounds together harmoniously, going on to release the debut single "Stop For Nothing."

The song -- a synth-heavy showstopper, with a vocal melody infectious enough to rival the mid-tempo pop currently flooding Top 40 radio -- acted as a solid introduction.

Their second track “Love For Everyone” followed suit shortly after, delivering twinkling synths, anthemic vocals and a shimmery disco vibe reminiscent of ‘70s pop at its finest.

Courtship. elaborated on the inspiration behind the track, saying, "Not trying to sound preachy, but here we go anyway: We were just thinking about how no matter who you are, everyone has felt self-conscious or anxious at a party. Like they don't know how to be themselves.

"So we wrote a song about an imaginary party where no one is left out and everyone feels super free to be and do whatever they want," the duo continued. "'Just follow but don't speak. Real fun comes in 3, I know just what you need...' We will let the people decide how to interpret the song."

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