Poppy announced that she and her creative partner Titanic Sinclair have parted ways.

The 24-year-old shared a letter on her social media accounts where she detailed her past relationship with the producer. She first explained that she "grappled" with the decision to make a public statement about their professional breakup which was a "long time coming."

"This is a person whom I defended in the past because I thought he was just misunderstood," the pop star explained. Her reasoning behind making the post was because of the misinformation and rumors circulating about her and her character.

"I was never 'an accomplice' to this person's past actions like some believe - I was a person who suffered similar wrongdoings as one of his former partners brought to light," she continued.

Poppy then claimed that he "glamorizes suicide" and has used it in the past to manipulate her. "As a grab for attention he messaged fans before he tried hanging himself while I was on tour with an item that belonged to me," she reported. She then stated that he has recently used her former friends "as his next experiment repeating manipulative patterns he has for years."

"I was trapped in a mess that I needed to dig my way out of - and like I always do, I figured out how to handle it," she wrote. Poppy then clarified that she is not looking for sympathy but rather setting the record straight.

The news comes almost a year after the creative pair settled a lawsuit brought by musician Mars Argo. The original lawsuit stated that after Argo and Sinclair ended their relationship, he replicated her "Mars Argo" identity and music to create Poppy. She also filed a second lawsuit for copyright infringement.

After the pop star's letter was posted, fans quickly began trending #TitanicSinclairIsOverParty on Twitter. Sinclair's last social media promoting Poppy was in November and he has yet to respond to his former collaborator's post.

See Poppy's entire letter, below.

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