We're usually skeptical of new science.  We're usually skeptical of ANY science that goes against something we want to do.  New research out of Yale (really smart people) say exposure to cell phone radiation during pregnancy affects the brain development of offspring and may lead to hyperactivity.

The rise of attention deficit disorders has been pretty steady since 1997 (when did YOU get your first cell phone??) with an increase of about 3 percent per year.  Yale isn't saying that is all due to cell phones because the cause of issues like ADAH is uncertain but they have hypothesized (made a pretty good guess) that there IS an association between cell phone use in pregnancy and hyperactivity in children.

Do you have to stop using your cell phone when the strip turns blue?  Of course not, but possibly limiting its use to just making quick calls might be a good idea.

Before you get really scared, there is more study needed.  The Yale study, using mice as subjects, is the first experimental evidence that fetal exposure to cell phone radiation affects adult behavior.

We've heard a lot about cell phone radiation and we've seen study after study that it is no big deal.  Do you think Yale researchers are on to something?