A new research done by Britain’s University of Salford found out that 90% of cell phone users ignore incoming calls frequently.  The research concluded that we ignore most often the loved ones- not strangers or co-workers.

For example, I ignored a call yesterday because I was grocery shopping and I didn’t recognize the number. That usually means it is someone from work who is having a problem and will take more than two trips down an aisle to fix it.

Sure enough, I got home, called the person back and they had resolved their own problem.

The research stated that the five main reasons people didn’t answer the phone were:

  1. They didn't hear it ring.
  2. They were driving.
  3. Feeding a pet.
  4. Unable to speak.
  5. Busy in the bathroom (my mom's favorite excuse).

If you are a "let it go to voicemail" kinda person, what is YOUR excuse?