Townsquare Media has always made a point to be active in the community. Attending events and supporting great causes, foundations, and organizations has always been a Townsquare Media priority. In 2019, we have plans to do so much more in the Lawton Fort Sill community. In 2019... we want to create our future.

It is our endeavor to grow and flourish along with this community. We have a company motto that all our Townsquare Media employees live by: “You Matter, Local First, Radio is Our DNA, Build and Grow Your Brand, Super Serve Our Customers, & Create the Future.” This year, we plan to incorporate these principles into everything we do.

One of the ways we plan on achieving the goal of connecting more with the community in 2019 is by being a lot more visible. It doesn't matter if it's free or for a fee, if it’s for the community… we’re there!

If you have a community event that you’d like to promote online or, maybe even come down to the Townsquare Media Studios and talk about your event live on-air; then please submit your event to our community calendar.

You can submit your event to our community calendar here.

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