In a new ad for the 2015 Audi A3 (embedded above), the lyrics to the Queen classic 'We Are the Champions' are narrated by a variety of characters. Ricky Gervais kicks it off, reciting the opening line, 'I've paid my dues.' From there on out, we have a parade of boxers, a chef, graffiti artists, an actress playing a 17th Century damsel, etc. talking/singing the lyrics.

As the build up to the mighty chorus surges, it's back to Gervais again. this time, pulling up in the Audi. But instead of a declaration of 'We are the champions,' Gervais simply says, "You know how it goes." The tagline of the ad is, "Whatever you do, stay uncompromised."

Written by Freddie Mercury,  'We Are the Champions' was a worldwide smash hit, charting at No. 4 in America, and No. 2 in the U.K. It has been a staple on rock radio since its release on the 'News Of The World' album in 1977. It has been played at countless sporting events over the years, and remains one of Queen's most famous and popular songs.