Tour dates for Queen are few and far between these days, but that doesn't mean guitarist Brian May is stuck sitting at home, counting his money. In fact, this fall will see May hitting the road for a special tour with vocalist Kerry Ellis.

Dubbed the 'Born Free' tour, the series of dates will send May and Ellis across the UK "performing a new collection of their own personal favorite songs as well as new arrangements of some of those they have previously performed in concert and recorded together." The new twist this time? They'll be playing totally acoustic, by candlelight.

"We have become more and more fascinated with the magic of great songs stripped down to their core and re-interpreted in an 'acoustic' way. We find there is a purity which makes the songs speak very clearly," explained May in a press release. "We have found that the two of us just working live off each other can distill the very essence of a song — and that's what we hope to bring you in these dates."

Revenue from the tour, as well as its accompanying 'Born Free' single, will benefit the Born Free Foundation, which works to help protect endangered animals. It's an important cause for May, who has devoted a lot of time and energy to wildlife preservation. Take a look at the complete list of dates below.

Kerry Ellis and Brian May 'Born Free' Tour Dates
11/05 - Bury St Edmunds, UK
11/06 - Leamington Spa, UK
11/07 - Corby, UK
11/09 - Tunbridge Wells, UK
11/10 - Brighton, UK
11/11 - London, UK
11/12 - St. Albans, UK
11/15 - Crawley, UK
11/16 - Portsmouth, UK
11/17 - Salisbury, UK
11/19 - High Wycombe, UK