Set to a dark, skittering, rave-friendly beat, RABBII offers a ferocious battle cry against the patriarchy on their Game of Thrones-referencing new single, "All Men Must Die."

"The moon is rising, the tide has finally come / Tonight we’re breaking the chains and we're not alone / Boom boom boom, we got a sickness and we need it to go / A plague of macho, enslaving everything else / Boys turning psycho to prove they fit in as well," singer Johanna Berglund, a sort of electro-pop Khaleesi, cries on the first verse.

"Baby if you wanna heal the world then all men must die / If you wanna save the human race than all men must die," she continues on the chorus, shadowy synths swelling like neon green wildfire in the Great Sept of Baelor. "We can be heroes, we can be like Hodor," she declares.

"We kind of wanted to blend Michael Jackson’s 'Heal the World' and Game of Thrones," RABBII shares of the track, premiering exclusively on PopCrush.

"And for the world to really heal we can’t just stand on mountain tops in white robes, we have to accept that our culture’s view on masculinity is f---ed up, and causing more harm than almost anything else. But we really do love white robes."

Something tells us George R. R. Martin would approve. Listen below:

"All Men Must Die" is out August 25 via Hidden Mothers/Roxy Recordings.

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