The wait is over, we now have all the results from the Community Needs Online Survey from the City of Lawton in conjunction with the Lawton Housing and Community Development Division.

Awhile back Lawtonians were invited to take and be a part of the survey that would assist city leaders with future projects and addressing needs within the community. Citizens had the chance to express what areas are in need of improvement and identified issues that are in need of attention and or change.

The Lawton Community Needs Online Survey was conducted from Monday, February 15th through Monday, March 15th (02-15-21 until 03-15-21). The survey was posted on the official City of Lawton website and open to the public. The survey asked several questions and asked for feedback on various topics centered around the needs within the community.

From community development, housing, public service to infrastructure and neighborhood improvements. Around 237 people took the survey and offered feedback. This will assist local leaders with future and even current plans for the city and helped address what the citizens of Lawton would like to see improved upon.

Not surprisingly street improvements topped the list as one of the most critical needs when it comes to infrastructure and neighborhood improvements, a little over 90% of respondents identified this as a major issue and need within the community. In the area of community development 65.8% named homeless shelters as a priority. See the press release from the City of Lawton below or click here to see the report.

City of Lawton
City of Lawton

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