A community of people with diverse backgrounds has come together to create a revolutionary new website- Skillshare- designed to teach and inspire others! But would this surprising new website substitute a college degree?

Skillshare is a community marketplace that is built on the belief that anyone can learn anything, anywhere. Each person has their own special talents that make them unique and a great candidate to share their knowledge with others who want to learn but can’t afford to go to college.

This means our communities are really the greatest universities. Our platform helps make the exchange of knowledge easy, enriching, and fun,” said Michael Karnjanaprakhorn, CEO and Skillshare co-founder.

Let's Start a Learning Revolution from Skillshare on Vimeo.

With the price of a college education rising, more students are getting in debt. Skillshare wants people to know that if they can’t afford a college education, learning new skills elsewhere can lead to a possible career instead. Or perhaps you have a college degree with a great career – what can you teach someone else?

The nifty website offers classes in several categories such as technology, arts, lifestyle! All the classes are thought by people who are passionate about the topic they are teaching and provide a unique prospective to the topics.

The classrooms are set up virtually which means you can be in Texarkana, but taking a class about ‘Learn How to Get Your First Million Users’ taught in New York City! Isn’t that amazing? We think so.

Ready to start learning? Simply sign up on the website using your email address and zip code.  The website will then locate available classes in your area that you can attend to learn something new.

What classes will you take?