We're gearing up for the release of the (very) shiny new version of 'RoboCop' next month, and today brings a brand new international poster, which we've gotta say we're digging much more than the domestic posters we've seen so far -- but that's usually how these things go. As an added bonus, we've got a brand new photo from the film to go along with it, and to keep your interest piqued for the film's February release. 

The international poster is the real star, of course, and it's much more eye-catching than any of the ones we've seen released stateside. It has a vibe that's both retro and sort of modern at the same time, which is a tricky tone, but if the new film can capture it, they might have pulled something off something pretty cool here. The other photo is from Entertainment Weekly, and is another still of Murphy, played by Joel Kinnaman ('The Killing'), alongside co-star Marianne Jean-Baptiste. Click both photos for larger, hi-res versions!

In the film, it's the year 2028 and Kinnaman plays officer Alex Murphy, who is critically wounded in the line of duty. OmniCorp, a multinational conglomerate that provides advanced weaponry and robotics for the military, is looking to bring their technology to the homeland, and uses Murphy's death as an opportunity to try out their latest tech by transforming him into a half-man, half-robot crime-fighting unit known as RoboCop.

The film also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, and Jennifer Ehle, and hits theaters on February 12.

RoboCop International Poster
RoboCop Photos Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly/Sony

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