After all the recent controversy over the actual color of an Internet-meme dress -- which may or may not be black/blue or white/gold ... or maybe even gold/blue -- the Rolling Stones have thankfully come to our emotional rescue.

Black and Blue.

Not so fast. Arguments continue over how back lighting, white balancing and over-processing can impact our color perceptions. There is some science to all this, beyond old Stones albums, but suffice it to say that many different people are seeing the Internet-breaking dress in many different ways.

Somewhere, Mitch Ryder -- who sang "Devil With a Blue Dress On" back in 1964 -- has to be loving this. Perhaps he could cash in on the rampaging pigmentation debate by altering the lyrics in future performances to "Devil with the blue dress, gold dress, black dress ... "

Elsewhere, Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers fame, has made his own valiant attempt at cutting through the online clutter with a blunt fashion assessment: "That dress is ugly as f---, no matter what color it is." There seems to be no stopping this particular discussion over hues.

The Rolling Stones are coming off a series of shows in Australia and New Zealand as part of their 14 on Fire tour. Talk has emerged more recently of possible North American dates this summer. Meanwhile, Ryder is performing tonight at the Landhaus Walter Downtown Bluesclub in Hamburg, Germany. Jane's Addiction don't have a confirmed date until July 11 at McLennan Park in Kitchener, Ontario.

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