The Price Is Right's history-making moment from today's (May 25) episode might prove to be — yes — priceless.

As part of the latest installment of the iconic CBS game show, a fella named Ryan wrote his name in the record books when he won $31,500 playing Plinko, which is the most anyone has ever pulled in playing the game. And for a show that's been around for 45 years, that's nothing to sneeze at.

In the clip above, Ryan's amazing run begins with a winning $1 bid on Contestant's Row. He does a lap around the studio before giving host Drew Carey a hug. Things really start getting good at the 4:00 mark when the game officially gets underway. Ryan hits $10,000 on his first try and then manages to do it again two more times while whipping himself into the kind of frenzy people only experience when they realize they've won the lottery. And essentially, that's what he did.

Ryan's amazing accomplishment caught the eye of Twitter, which was in awe of him.

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