So Marvel's Loki Season Two premiered last Friday night, and it ended on an after-credit scene in the most random place in the world... Broxton, Oklahoma.


Is this Broxton? Probably not, but it might as well be. It could literally be any random spot in rural Southwest Oklahoma, and if someone tells you "That's Broxton," you'd have no reason to not believe it.

Why is Oklahoma such a theme in Disney's Loki?

If you can remember back to the first episode of Loki, it also had a wildly random pitstop in another forgotten Oklahoma town... Salina.

Aside from the screen graphic, there was no plot to the Oklahoma tie-in to Loki for the rest of the season. When the topic came up over a casual Wing-Day lunch with the guys, we all sort of figured that someone on the writing team is probably from here...

...but when the new season ended with another trip to the Sooner State, it was apparent that the OK tie is a little deeper than just easter egg writing and it has the web buzzing about what is to come.

Disney-Marvel, YouTube
Disney-Marvel, YouTube

If you haven't already googled it, Broxton seems like it was hardly anything more than just a plan for a town in rural Southwest Oklahoma. North of Apache, West of Chickasha, if you tried to find it on the map, you'd only see a church and a homestead. Broxton once had a school district, but it folded into Fort Cobb decades ago.

Why Broxton, Oklahoma?

This is where the deep dive happened into the world of comics. Apparently, Broxton, OK is where Thor's homeworld of Asguard existed briefly in some offshoot of the story.

If you're not familiar with comics, they're a lot like the Fast & Furious movies... The story constantly changes, nothing is permanent, nobody really stays dead, and the timelines can exist parralel based on what that particular writer was feeling that day.

It's amazing the constant story dives don't drive readers crazy.

Instead of hopping into a long and drawn out prediction of why Oklahoma is featured so much in Loki, cutting right to the point, the internet agrees Loki's alternate timeline will setup the fifth Thor movie coming down the Marvel pipe.

Either way, it's still a neat surprise to see Oklahoma represented in Marvel these days.

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