Yesterday, November 1st, the second Ware On C Block Party happened in downtown Lawton; and given that each Ware event is themed, what better way to have celebrated this months sports theme? By giving you the chance to win a pair of tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys courtesy of Adventure Travel!

Here's how it worked... You needed to download and open our app. Then. you opened your scavenger hunt, and looked around for the hard to find cowboy we hid on C Avenue somewhere between 3rd and 5th Street. Once you found him, you were entered to win tickets to see the Cowboys take on the Titans this coming Monday night in Arlington!

We revealed the clues to this hunt Thursday evening at 5pm, & you had until 6:45pm to find him, then, we announced winners from the stage at around 7pm. You needed to stick around after you found the cowboy too. With food trucks, live entertainment, and a ton of family friendly stuff to do, it was easy to pass the time until the drawing as you must've been present to win.

Thank you to all those who put on your favorite sports theme jersey, grabbed the fam, and had a blast with all of us at the November Ware On C Block Party.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Dallas Cowboys Ticket winners: Cherish Sorrells and Ronald Hopkins!