The most obvious fact in the world: guys will do anything if they think it will help them score with a woman. Sometimes, that's good. Sometimes, not so much.

Take this prank, in which a few hotties dressed like lifeguards from Baywatch central casting approach random dudes and ask them if they can help them do CPR to help them become officially licensed.

Naturally, the guys sign on, only to discover the joke is on them when a man with a lumberjack-type beard enters the picture to train the girls with moves that look like they should only be done in the champagne room. It's definitely not what the guys envisioned.

After watching this, maybe it's best not to go to the beach. Maybe the best thing to do is just stay in your air-conditioned house, eat ice cream and binge watch every show you've never seen, all to avoid your newfangled fear of lifeguards.

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