Every kid I have ever known who had a zit wanted to find the immediate cure.  In this time of app-of-the-hour, one was developed that claimed to cure acne with a series of blue and red lights.

The apps were available for a price on both the iTunes and Android platforms and thousands of teens bought the hype, bought the app and held the flashing screens up to their zits to see if they would vanish by the power of the almighty smart-phone.

Parents, it is time we taught our kids about the difference between what can happen in the real world and what is impossible.  Please do not let these children (if yours was among the downloaders) ever accept an email from a Nigerian widow who has recently come into contact with a large sum of money.

The Federal Trade Commission, by the way, has cracked down on both the apps and the app makers and fined them for their willingness to pray on the gullible youth of our nation.  I believe the children should also be removed of their cell phones for being so stupid as to believe that lights from a cell phone screen could irradicate acne bacteria.

Perhaps you can punish your child by taking away the offending device and sending them to a science class this semester.