Here’s a great holiday treat for ‘Saturday Night Live’ fans: Weekend Update’s club guru Stefon shows up on the show’s official Christmas card this year.

And it’s not just any picture that’s used for the card, it’s the Norman Rockwell classic “Freedom From Want” painting, with the woman serving a turkey to her happy family. A wholesome scene perfect for a Stefon “photo bomb.”

The card was sent out to ‘SNL’ family and friends and put online by promoter Aaron Meier. Stefon can be seen just to the left of the mother (or grandmother?) in the photo above, holding his hands over his mouth as Stefon is prone to do.

It’s a little disconcerting to see him there like that, disturbed by a this traditional holiday setting that doesn’t involve dancing midgets. Check out the full card below.

[via BuzzFeed and I'm With Kanye]