When kids are out of school, they raid the fridge and roam through the cupboards to find something to eat. . .and they eat and eat and eat.  There are no school lunches to help, no breakfasts either.  Which means moms, dads or caretakers are responsible for feeding kids for that week.

The Lawton Food Bank's spring campaign is underway and the spring break time is a huge time for them when the number of people coming to them looking for food skyrockets.

Last year, the food bank served over 25,000 people which is about 900 families per month.

While your kids are running around and having a great spring break:  take a second to imagine what that time would be like if they couldn't find food. . . and you couldn't provide it.  Hunger would replace joy, pain and fright would replace the excitement of being out of school.  No Lawton family should ever have to feel this way.

So, this week, while you are making that 3rd or 4th run to the grocery store, pick up an extra bag full of non-perishable food and drop if off at the Lawton Food bank.