When the clock strikes 12, would you rather be a rider or a rambler? That's the question at the heart of this Clash of the Titans matchup, which pits an Allman Brothers Band classic against an all-time favorite from the Rolling Stones catalog.

We're talking, of course, about the Allmans' 'Midnight Rider' and the Stones' 'Midnight Rambler,' and although the two songs sprung from different pens, they've been within spitting distance of one another since they were first released. The Stones struck first, including 'Midnight Rambler' on their 1969 'Let It Bleed' album, with the Allmans following a little under a year later, issuing 'Midnight Rider' as part of their 1970 'Idlewild South' LP.

Both songs focus on protagonists who'd rather not be seen, albeit for different reasons; 'Rider' follows a nameless man on the run from authorities, and although it's never really explained why the Rider refuses to let 'em catch him, the tenor of the track is somewhat lighter than 'Rambler,' which takes a look at the infamous crimes perpetrated by Albert DeSalvo, a.k.a. the Boston Strangler.

Since making their respective debuts, both cuts have become staples of the bands' repertoires, and they've both been covered by high-profile peers on more than one occasion -- but only one of them can make it out of this Clash of the Titans alive. So which one gets your vote? Check them both out below, and remember: and remember: you can cast a ballot once an hour between now and when voting ends on Sunday, July 20 at 11:59PM.

Listen to the Allman Brothers Band's 'Midnight Rider'

Listen to the Rolling Stones' 'Midnight Rambler'