Photos of Barnsdall, Oklahoma's recovery from this years' EF4 Tornado truly explain the long, difficult process that follows after such a natural disaster.

Canva/Fox23 Janna Clark Facebook
Canva/Fox23 Janna Clark Facebook

Reporter Janna Clark took these pictures at the home of the 81-year-old Kenneth Hogue who unfortunately did not survive the tornado after his home took a direct hit. Over a month later and debris is still on the property where Hogue used to live and visitors have even paid their respects.

Barnsdall was not the only severely affected town in Oklahoma. Sulphur has also been recovering from the disaster. Local areas are still in need of repairs and clean up, like in this local neighborhood that Sulphur-resident Martha Prall shared.

Her post is nearly two months following the devastating tornados that leveled Sulphur late in the evening on April 27, 2024. Even though it's been almost two months, recovery is more than likely going to be long-lasting. According to the Farm Bureau Financial Services, "recovering from a severe storm can be a long process. It may take days, weeks and even months to return to a place of normalcy."

Since the event, people from the entire state pulled together to help the community by hosting benefits, offering extra hands during the clean up process and provided resources to families without homes.

In other areas, like Ardmore, relief has helped many of the townspeople get back to normalcy and things look to be ready to considered taken care of.

Recently, FEMA announced that they would be set to close in Ardmore after Saturday, June15. Although they would be closed in-person, online options would continue to be available for anyone unable to come by on the last day.

For anyone wanting to help with cleanup, please reach out directly to the communtities' authority. It isn't an easy process, but slowly, things will be better than they once were in Oklahoma.

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