Summer is a great time for kids who aren't in school . . . unless they are hungry.

Summer is a great time for spending time with your family . . . unless they don't have air conditioning.

Summer is a great time for the community to support the missions and ministries around our area that help out the people in our community that aren't looking forward to another long Lawton Summer.

I've seen at least three pleas from organizations around our area this week and thought it would be a good opportunity to let you know of some real needs around our community.  Please read below and, if you can, support one of these organizations by a donation of money, time or resources.  Even if you can't afford to help support, you can do a lot by spreading the message around your community.  Use your social network and share this post so others can see the need and, together, we can all help.

Salvation Army  Needs your donations for the thrift store which provides goods at prices almost anyone can afford.  This funds a lot of their work and when the shelves are bare, their ability to do things like assist with disasters, feed hungry kids and more is lessened.  Clean out those closets (you were going to do it anyway) -and call the Salvation Army for pickup of your gently used clothes, furniture and more:  580-355-0399

Lawton Food Bank  Needs donations of food like ready-to-serve meals and fresh fruit for the hundreds of kids in our area who usually rely on school breakfast or lunch to stay healthy.  There is high summer demand and their resources are usually low at this time of year.  They also need volunteers since their college kids and youth volunteers are gone for much of the summer.  Stop by the food bank to make a donation and check them out on Facebook.

House of Bread is collecting fans for those in need.  They'll be in front of Dollar General on SW Lee Friday (the 13th) from 1pm - 6pm but if you can't make it, you can drop a fan off at the church or call them at 248-8519.

Armed Services YMCA provides a food pantry and so much more to the community.  Call them at 355-5520 or visit their website.

We're happy to add to this list.  Just post below in the comment section with information on other organizations that need special help this summer.

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