Reading Today Saves Tomorrow’s Memory
If you read a book today, you might be preserving your memory when you are old.  A study from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that reading any type of literature works to stimulate the brain and that stimulation will help you with your memory when you are old.
Americans Read Five Books A Year, What Are You Reading?
That number seems so low to me, but would probably seem like a good 'target' goal for my hubby.
The Pew Research Center says, on average, Americans read 5 books per year.  69% read at least one printed book, 28% have read an e-book and 14% have listened to audiobooks.
Google Doodle
Today would've been the 85th birthday of beloved children's author Maurice Sendak, who passed away last year. In his honor, Google made this amazing, elaborate Google Doodle.
The Top 5 Most Anticipated Book-to-Movie Adaptions for 2013
2013 is gearing up to have some great movie releases, some of which include the usual book-to-movie adaptions. Yet with allgreat new book to movie adaptions coming out, it can be difficult to figure out which one to spend $10 at the theater on, especially if you are not sure if it will wind up being…
Oxford Online Adds Ridic New Words to Dictionary
Thank the merciful heavens! Now we can say “micropig” as much as we want without having to endure the crushing shame of using a word that isn’t a legitimate word. Micropig is just one of dozens of terms that became official as part of ODO’s most recent quarterly update of new words and definitions, …

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