Dog Gives Baby Toys
If you haven't seen it, there's a video of a Beagle stealing a baby's toy and the baby starts crying.  So the dog feels guilty, and covers the baby with other toys.
Could You Survive a Hot Car?
There have been far too many stories in the news this summer about parents leaving their kids in the car while they go in and shop. This is not okay! We all know that a quick trip in the store can end up being much more than that.
Dog Waits Outside Hospital For His Owner [VIDEO]
Late last month, a homeless man in Brazil named Lauri da Costa showed up at a hospital after someone hit him in the face with a ROCK.
But it turned out to be a good thing. Because after he checked in, doctors realized he also had skin cancer...
Dog Is Not Having His Owner’s Kisses
One man has trained his dog to hate kisses or affection. Sure, it's cute, but they've spent so much time together, and Owner was totally there for Dog that time he ate the Chunky bar -- he even took him to the doctor and washed the puke out of his hair...

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