Face Masks

Guy Experiments To See If Face Masks Really Work
If like myself you've been concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic. More specifically you've been wondering if all these face masks that we're now required to wear are actually working. Pondering the question "Are they effective at slowing or stopping the spread of Coronavirus?" Well we're about to find out!
City of Lawton Asks Businesses For Help With the Mask Ordinance
The Lawton, Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce notified it's members today that the city of Lawton is requesting that all local and area businesses help with the new mask ordinance as much as possible. They aren't asking businesses to enforce the order, just assist with informing the public that the order is in place and that it needs to be followed. This along with signage at all entryways that a face mask is required.
Face Masks and Firearms- Can You Carry a Gun While Wearing a Mask?
I'm sure by now you've seen all the memes on social media and false statements that wearing a face mask and carrying a concealed firearm is illegal. This is completely untrue, it's a myth. A lot of people are concerned about their Second Amendment rights and self-defense options they can lawfully perform during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Lawton Issues Mandatory Mask Order
The Lawton city council voted today (07-17-20) in favor of a mandatory face mask order. The new ordinance will require all citizens to wear a mask or covering while in public. With the recent increase of positive COVID-19 cases in the state and county the city of Lawton is taking steps to help slow or stop the spread of the Coronavirus.
Lawton to Vote on Mandatory Face Mask Ordinance Tomorrow
The city council will be meeting tomorrow afternoon Friday, July 17th 2020 (07-17-20) at 2:00pm CST to vote on the proposed face mask ordinance. The council committee will present their plans which follow or mirror similar face mask ordinances in the state and across the Nation in an effort to help slow or hopefully stop the spread of COVID-19.
City Of Lawton Will Require Face Masks At All Indoor Facilities Starting This Wednesday
The City of Lawton will mandate that face masks must be worn in all city owned or run indoor properties starting this Wednesday, July 15th 2020 (07-15-20). Some of the facilities that you will have to wear a mask to enter include: Lawton City Hall, Lawton Police and Fire Departments, The City Hall Annex building and any other indoor property that is owned and/or operated by the city of Lawton.
Masquerade Ball- Masks Photo Gallery
Take a look at the virtual "Masquerade Ball." Our photo gallery that features a collection of some of the most creative and colorful masks, not to mention characters around. You can submit a photo of you in your mask and be included in the fun.
It’s the Masquerade Ball Lets See Those Masks
We've seen some great face masks when out and about in around Lawton, Fort Sill and we want to see yours, be a part of the "Masquerade Ball." We're collecting up pictures of all the best and most creative face masks around town and there's a lot of them.

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