Introducing the Face Mask Gun
Do you feel jeopardized and violated anytime you're in the presence of a non masked individual and or group. Well then prepare yourself for one the the single greatest inventions of our time. Behold the all new and already improved face mask gun!
Dirty Harry...Potter is a Gun Filled Magical Adventure!
Hogwarts and hoglegs, it's the firearm filled magical adventure we've always wanted to see, Harry Potter with guns! Hit play and enjoy "Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons." Dirty Harry Potter just makes sense, after all who hasn't thought to themselves that the only thing …
Face Masks and Firearms- Can You Carry a Gun While Wearing a Mask
I'm sure by now you've seen all the memes on social media and false statements that wearing a face mask and carrying a concealed firearm is illegal. This is completely untrue, it's a myth. A lot of people are concerned about their Second Amendment rights and self-defense options they …
Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself in an Elevator
Safety first! A Kentucky police officer accidentally shoots himself in the stomach in an elevator. Officer Darryl Jouett was off duty when the accident occurred. He and his wife were headed to his car in the parking garage. They took the elevator and when waiting for the doors to open he attempted t…

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