Oklahoma Wants Gun and Ammo Companies
Oklahoma legislators are wanting to entice firearm and ammunition manufacturers to move to the Sooner State. The invitation would be for new and existing gun and ammo businesses that are considering relocating.
Lawton Man Shoots Himself in the Leg While in His Vehicle
A Lawton man is recovering after shooting himself in the leg while in his vehicle. The accident occurred yesterday evening around 7:00 pm on the corner of 38th Street and Lee Blvd. According to the reports he was trying to pull his firearm from his pocket and accidentally shot himself.
Oklahoma Senator Seeks to Deregulate Firearm Silencers in the State
I just read an interesting article about Oklahoma Senator Michael Bergstrom filling a new senate bill (SB 1098) that would allow Oklahoma residents to purchase and own firearm silencers without all the federal regulations. If the silencer was made in Oklahoma and remained in the state it would be ex…
Lawton Ft. Sill Rifle and Pistol Club to Host Sighting In Day
If you're planning to be a part of the gun deer or elk season you'll need to get your rifle sighted in and ready for the season. Coming up on (10-09-21) the Lawton, Fort Sill Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting a free "Sighting-In-Day" at their gun range as a public service.
Stop Funding Gun Control by Avoiding These Anti Gun Corporations
You could be unintentionally and unknowingly funding anti gun causes and companies with your purchases and who you're doing business with. The CCRKBA (Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms) has created a list of 200 businesses and corporations that are using the money you'…
Texas Constitutional Carry Has Stalled Due to State Senate!
Yesterday (05-12-21) the Texas House rejected changes made by the Senate to the "Constitutional Carry" (House Bill 1927) which has stalled the bill from reaching Governor Greg Abbott's desk. There's been a lot of concern and confusion about (HB-1927) and as you can imagine anti-g…
Oklahoma Passes Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act
(SB 631) will now head to Governor Kevin Stitt's desk for final approval and signature. Chances are better than good that the Governor will sign it and Oklahoma will join the ever growing list of states who have proclaimed themselves as Second Amendment Sanctuaries and have passed similar legis…
Oklahoma to Become 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State?
Oklahoma could become the next entry into the growing list of 2nd Amendment sanctuary states. Across the country more and more states are introducing legislation to uphold the 2nd Amendment and refuse any additional gun control measures from Federal, state, county and even local governments. This wo…

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