Alec Baldwin Reveals SNL Trump Salary, Impression Secrets
Once upon a time, Alec Baldwin thought he might get to retire his SNL rendition of Donald Trump, as the world moved on with a Clinton presidency. Now, over a month past the election and three appearances since, Baldwin reveals not only a surprisingly small takehome for the role, but also the likelih…
Dave Chappelle Makes SNL Debut in FIrst Promo
SNL seems to be cementing a new approach to promos after Benedict Cumberbatch last week, so if you’re looking for laughs this morning, you may not find them here. Watch the Chappelle’s Show host make a dramatic entrance in our first taste of this weekend’s SNL debut.
Lin-Manuel Miranda Hosting SNL on October 8
It took strangely long for SNL to cough up its first Season 42 hosts (the premiere is already this weekend), and even then, the long-running sketch comedy only confirmed Margot Robbie. Now, our second host of the new season is none other than the ten-dollar founding father, as Hamilton creator Lin-M…
Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Made Emmy-Winning History
It might surprise you to learn that Amy Poehler had never won an Emmy before last night, but less so that she’d make history doing it. Ahead of the full ceremony next Sunday, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey both took home Emmy awards for their SNL hosting, and made history in the process.

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