Robot Dog Enforces Social Distancing in Park
Meet Spot, an advanced mobile robot who's main function is sensing, surveillance, inspection and remote operation. At least that's the job it's suppose to do until it breaks free of it's programming and goes on a murderous rampage.
Meet JIBO - The World's First Family Robot
The day had finally arrived were technology has advanced to the point where a person can own their own robot! Not just any robot, JIBO the world's first family robot. Unlike a lot of the other attempts at robotics in the past, JIBO is actually very useful and has all kinds of real world po…
The Steve Jobs Taiwanese Animation Is Here! [VIDEO]
We all know that Apple was founded when Steve Jobs took a technicolor trip through a forest and was bonked on the head with a Newtonian Apple logo of inspiration, before going on to literally give birth to a bulky Macintosh computer. Well, that’s how Taiwanese animation team Next Med…
YouTuber Ron Tajima’s Quirky Robots [VIDEOS]
Japanese YouTuber Ron Tajima likes to build robots. Not necessarily the kind of robots that are going to revolutionize manufacturing as we know it, but the kind that will turn from a beer can into a cute little creature or from a Roomba into a baby cradle