Lawton Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Local Business Survey
If you're a local or area business the Lawton, Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce wants to hear from you. They're asking that you take a quick survey online about how COVID-19 has impacted your business or organization. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and all information obtained will remain confidential. This will help the city determine the best possible response to assist local and area businesses going forward.
What’s Your Choice: Traditional School or Virtual Learning? [POLL]
As a parent or student what will be your decision for the 2020/2021 school year? Will you choose traditional or virtual schooling? That's the choice each person will have to make when enrolling and preparing for school this year. There's pros and cons to each choice and it won't be an easy one to make.
Recyling Survey
The city of Lawton has gone back to the drawing board when it comes to our city’s efforts to recycle.  The big bins in the park are gone after they were repeatedly used as just a general dumping ground instead of a real way to offer recycling options to the public. If you want a voice in the decision, you can answer the city’s short survey.  Click here to be taken directly to the survey.
Lawton Wants to Know
David and I really enjoyed the Freedom Festival Saturday night at Elmer Thomas Park. We attended the first, of what we hope to be annual, Freedom Festival event put on by the City of Lawton.
Debate on e-Cigarettes Heats Up
The hot new trend is e-cigarettes; also known as vapor cigarettes or 'vaping'. Several of our staff have taken up 'vaping' as a replacement for cigarettes and I can personally say I am thankful. I have been smoke free for over 3 years now and about 3 to 6 months into my non-smoking journey I apologized to every non-smoker I had been around my entire smoking life. I had no idea I smelled THAT BAD!
Dad Honestly and (Hilariously) Fills Out Daycare Questionnaire On Behalf of 11-Month-Old Daughter [PHOTO]
Personality surveys are pretty standard in many schools. They exist to give the staff a little insight into the life of the child they are responsible for taking care of. This father was asked to fill this out on behalf of his 11-month-old daughter, and fill it out he did. I can't be sure about the type of responses the daycare was expecting, but this father gave some very honest and hilarious answers to the silly questionnaire.
What’s Your Favorite Halloween Candy? — Survey
Whether you're trick-or-treating or preparing for trick-or-treaters, Halloween leaves most folks with an abundance of candy. While it can be difficult to resist any of these tooth-decay-promoting treats, some candy is better than others. According to a survey from Public Policy Polling of 1,200 adults chocolate bars are the Halloween sweet of choice for an overwhelming 62 percent.

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